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I´m a visual artist working with performance, video, and painting. My performances are often autobiographical and deal with the idea of the body. They should be seen as role-plays that explore gender structures. When shooting a video or screening the material, I use the concept of privacy both from an aesthetic point of view and conceptually, exposing my audience to the intimacy of the private.

My paintings are often abstract and conceptual. As a canvas, I mainly use old book covers but also more traditional materials. Circles have been repeated frequently in my paintings over the years as a dominant element. I use circles and symmetrical abstractions to create sanity and logic in my broadly subconscious process of painting. Working with small size allows me to explore more of the materials and focus on small details such as trash. The idea of bad copy interests me and I often try to work as a broken copy machine to duplicate pictures or symbols I´ve seen. If necessary I use paintings also as notepads to give myself instructions in the process of painting and also in the process of life itself. I strive for a fresh and clear expression.

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